3D-Testimage Database


The database consists of 16 test images of 256x256x256 voxels of 8 bit gray depth. 8 images possesses two 3d trees, plexus p1,p2 of gray value 122 and 133. Both plexuses p1 and p2 don't touch each other but have a minimal distance of d=1 (4 images) and d=2 (4 images) voxels. The density of the plexuses varies. Further 8 images are created in the same way but with three plexuses p1, p2 and p3 in each of a gray value 122, 133 and 143. Thus, the correct classification, which voxel belongs to plexus pi or to the background, is known. These 16 images represents the ground truth for our experiments. Now, all images are blurred:

  • a sinus curve along the z-axis adds values between -5.3 and +5.3
  • a 3d binomial filter (a threefold convolution) with the vector 1/4(1 2 1) along the x-,y- and z-axis is applied
  • a gaussian noise with sigma=2, sigma=4 and sigma=6 resp.is added,

giving us 48 blurred images.

3D-Testimages Database

The following table contains rendered views of the 16 ground truth images. The trees are displayed by colors. You may enlarge each image by clicking on it. To download the original and the manipulated datasets just click on the rendered images. You will get a Zip-Archive that contains

  • the ground truth image (gzipped raw format),
  • the blurred image with sigma=2 (gzipped raw format),
  • the blurred image with sigma=4 (gzipped raw format),
  • and the blurred image with sigma=6 (gzipped raw format)

Each archive has approximately 30 MB.
To view the voxel images you may download this free 3d viewer for Microsoft Windows (Download)

  Min.Dist d=2 Min.Dist d=1
2 Trees
3 Trees