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Realtime Measurement of Ocular Alignment


typical eye of a ten year old boy




To develop a system with video-cameras and infrared light-source based on a PC for automatic and objective measurement of the angle of strabismus of children and infants.



The pictures of the left and the right eye with a size of 768 times 512 pixels are evaluated for the Purkinje I and IV reflection pattern and the positions of the pupils and the iris. With that the relative and absolute positions of the optical and visual axes of both eyes can be computated and therefore the ocular alignment to detect microstrabismus.



The system is able to analyze up to five pairs of pictures per second and therefore it is able to determine dynamical strabismus. It is besides robust against impairments like reflecion on glasses and partial covering by eye-lid.


calculated data for computation of the optical axes of the eye




Kooperationspartner Universitäts-Augenklinik Tübingen