Realtime Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)



Realtime application


The CSC-TSR, a fast, robust color image evaluation system for the detection of traffic signs on European highways, is installed in a driving car (Figure 1). The realtime ability is achieved with parallel implementation on a TIP-system (Parsytec Transputer Image Processing) with PowerPC processors (Motorola MPC).

(Figure 1: CSC-TSR within a car)


  • Image recording with a 3-chip CCD camera (Teli, Sony)
  • Image digitizing with the TIP-CFG (Color Frame Grabber)
  • CSC-VZE with TIP-MPC (Motorola PowerPC 601)
  • Results transferred to the TIP-CGD (Color Graphics Display)
  • Display of the results on a notebook (Sparc PowerLite)




  • parallel architecture developed by Parsytec
  • special BUS-system for online image-transfer
  • special processing nodes for graphical in-/output
  • Color Frame Grabber (CFG), Color Graphics Display (CGD)
  • processing nodes with T805-Transputer (VPU)
  • integration of MPC processing nodes with Motorola PowerPC 601 processor (MPC)
  • integration of Texas-Instruments C40 processing nodes




The CSC-TSR has been developed in cooperation with Daimler Benz within the European PROMETHEUS project (Programme for a European Traffic with Highest Efficiency and Unprecedented Safety). 

It has been integrated into the autonomous car VITA II.



  • Database of approx. 40.000 traffic scenes
  • Analysis of 3 images per second
  • Recognition rate of 98 %