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Sommersemester 2019

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  • [15.07.2019] One example of the written exam uploaded (in the Resources part in the bottom of the page)
  • [28.06.2019]  Assignment 5 online
  • [06.06.2019]  Assignment 4 online
  • [22.05.2019]  Assignment 3 online
  • [07.05.2019]  Assignment 2 online
  • [16.04.2019]  Assignment 1 online
  • [08.04.2019] Webpage updated



                      • Tuesdays: 12:00-14:00 (weekly), Room: E011
                      • Fridays: 12:00-14:00 (every other week), Room D028
                      • Note the canceled dates, holidays, and switches of exercise and lecture dates, as given in the following table

                      (Lec=Lecture, Tut=Tutorial):

                      • Calendar Week: 15-19
                      Date (Mon-Sun)08.04.- 12.05.
                      Tue: 12-14h, E011 Lec 1 Lec 3 Lec 4
                      Lec 6 Lec 7
                      Fri: 12-14h, D028 Lec 2 Karfreitag Lec 5 Tut 1 Lec 8
                      • Calendar Week: 20-24
                      Date (Mon-Sun)13.05.- 16.06.
                      Tue: 12-14h, E011 Lec 9 Lec 11 Lec 12 Lec 14 Pfingsten
                      Fri: 12-14h, D028 Lec 10 Tut 2 Lec 13 Tut 3 Pfingsten
                      • Calendar Week: 25-29
                      Date (Mon-Sun)17.06.- - 21.07
                      Tue: 12-14h, E011 Lec 15 Lec 17 Lec 18 Lec 20 Lec 21
                      Fri: 12-14h, D028 Lec 16 Tut 4 Lec 19 Tut 5 Lec 22




                        Homework Assignments

                        Homework assignments are published here:

                        Homework assignments are also available via the SVN:

                        Check out the total score you obtained in the homework assignments so far:


                        1 Assignment 1 28.04.2019  23:59h maximum 40 points
                        2 Assignment 2 19.05.2019  23:59h maximum 40 points
                        3 Assignment 3 02.06.2019  23:59h maximum 50 points
                        4 Assignment 4 23.06.2019  23:59h maximum 60 points
                        5 Assignment 5 07.07.2019  23:59h maximum 50 points




                        You will need 50% of the maximum attainable assignment score in order to obtain the permission to participate in the written exam. Permissions from previous years are also accepted.

                        To submit your homework assignments it is necessary to form groups of 5-6 students using the following website: 

                        Do not submit in groups smaller than 4 students! Groups may collaborate, however, each group must submit an individual solution! Copy & paste submissions will be disregarded and graded with 0 points.

                        The submission of the homework assignment solutions is done via Subversion (SVN). The name of the group you chose is the name of the respective SVN-repository. For example, if your group is named arrandale, then your SVN-repository is available via:


                        For read-only access any common webbrowser may be used. You will need dedicated SVN software to also obtain write-access to your repository. You may use, e.g.,  rapidSVN or TortoiseSVN.

                        Please note that for the group's root folder you are only granted reading access. Writing access is granted to the subfolders solutions and workspace. Your solutions have to be stored as PDF (converted photos are not accepted) file in the subfolder solutions. The subfolder workspace can be used for storing and exchange of partial solutions and collaboration with your group fellows. The subfolder corrections is used by the correctors to store the corrections.

                        Important information: When submitting the solution, make sure that all group members that actively participated are named on that document. Only those students listed in the solutions will be assigned the scores. If you want to change your group, use the above referenced website and contact Dr. Radak via email.

                        Resources and Links