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On Essential Program Annotations and Completeness of Verifying Compilers
Bernhard Beckert, Thorsten Bormer, Vladimir Klebanov
Proceedings, Workshop on Verified Software: Theory, Tools, and Experiments (VSTTE)


Extending the Reach and Power of Deductive Program Verification
Vladimir Klebanov

GMR 2009

User Behavior in Location-Based Systems
Markus Maron, Sebastian Magnus
In proceedings of the 8th Global Mobility Roundtable Conference-Transformation through Mobility (GMR09) November 01-03rd Cairo, Egypt

GMR 2009

A Public Key Infrastructure in Ambient Information and Transaction Systems
Sebastian Magnus, Markus Maron
PDF - Abstract


Using Constraint Logic Programming for Modeling and Verifying Hierarchical Hybrid Automata
Ammar Mohammed, Frieder Stolzenburg

ICMB 2009

An Empirical Study to Evaluate the Location of Advertisement Panels by Use of a Mobile Marketing Tool
Markus Maron, Sebastian Magnus, Kevin Read
In proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB09) June 27-28th Dalian, China
PDF - Abstract


A Knowledge Compilation Technique for ALC TBoxes
Ulrich Furbach, Heiko Günther, Claudia Obermaier
Proceedings of the Twenty-Second International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference, May 19th-21st, 2009, Sanibel Island, Florida, USA
PDF - Bib


Formal Verification of a Microkernel Used in Dependable Software Systems
Christoph Baumann, Bernhard Beckert, Holger Blasum, Thorsten Bormer
Proceedings, 28th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security
PDF - BibTeX - Abstract

Embedded World 2009

Better Avionics Software Reliability by Code Verification
Christoph Baumann, Bernhard Beckert, Holger Blasum, Thorsten Bormer
Proceedings, embedded world Conference 2009
PDF - BibTeX - Abstract

KI 2009

HieroMate:A Graphical Tool for Specification and Verification of Hierarchical Hybrid Automata
Ammar Mohammed, Christian Schwarz
In Proceedings of the 32nd German Conference on AI (KI 2009), Springer LNAI.
PDF - BibTeX - Abstract

KI 2009

Probabilistic Models for the Verification of Human-Computer Interaction
Bernhard Beckert, Markus Wagner
In Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence, September 15–18, Paderborn, Germany
PDF - BibTeX - Abstract

TAP 2009

Could we have chosen a better Loop Invariant or Method Contract?
Christoph Gladisch
In proceedings of The Third International Conference on Tests And Proofs (TAP 2009), Zürich, Switzerland
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CEC 2009

Towards an Evolved Lower Bound for the Most Circular Partition of a Square
Claudia Obermaier, Markus Wagner
Proceedings of the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, May 18th-21st, Trondheim, Norway
PDF - Bib - Abstract


From Reactive to Deliberative Mulit-agent Planning
Ammar Mohammed,Ulrich Furbach
In proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Modeling,Simulation, Verification and Validation of Enterprise Information Systems (MSVVEIS 2009), In conjunction with the 11th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS 2009) May 6-10th Milan, Italy.
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ProMAS 2009

Multi-agent Systems:Modeling and verification Using Hybrid Automata
Ammar Mohammed,Ulrich Furbach
In proceeding of the Seventh International Workshop on Programming Multi-Agent Systems (ProMAS 2009) at the eighth International Joint conference on Autonomous Agents & Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS 2009), May 10-15th 2009, Budapest, Hungary.
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GI Informatiktage

Probabilistic User Models for the Verification of Human-Computer Interaction
Markus Wagner
Informatiktage 2009. Fachwissenschaftlicher Informatik-Kongress, 27. und 28. März 2009, B-IT Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology in Bonn
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GI Informatiktage

Ein Rahmenwerk für Genetische Algorithmen zur Lösung erweiterter Vehicle Routing Problems (VRPSPDMUTW+)
Sebastian Magnus
GI Informatiktage, March 27th-28th, 2009, Bonn, Germany
PDF - BibTeX - Abstract