Praktische Informatik

The Research Group Practical Computer Science is part of both the Institute of Computer Science and the Institute of Software Technology at the University Koblenz-Landau. The group is lead by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd-Christian Renner, who joined the University in November 2020, so the formation of the group is a currently ongoing process.

Based on previous work and projects, the group's research will be embracing two fields. Firstly, we investigate environmentally-powered and wireless smart sensors in the domain of cyber-physical systems with a special focus on Intermittent Computing and Energy-Aware Task Scheduling. Secondly, we carry out research in underwater communication and navigation for swarms of autonomous underwater vehicles for monitoring and inspection in inland and coastal waterbodies.

Our research entails both software and hardware aspects of such systems. We built prototypes of environmentally-powered sensors and the ahoi open-source acoustic underwater modem, going all the way from PCB design to firmware development and real-world field trials. The ahoi modem has been developed and used in several third-party funded projects, and it is currently used by universities and companies in Europa. Moreover, we are merging it into the BlueROV2, a commercial remotely operated vehicle (ROV), to eventually cut its wires and enable autonomous underwater inspections.

Our teaching activity currently entails "Foundations of Operation Systems" and "Software for Embedded Systems", and we plan to offer courses on efficient implementation of algorithms and electronics for computer science. As part of our teaching activities, we are exploring ways for student preparation and participation in internationally renowned competitions, such as ACM ICPC/NWERC and SAUC-E.

We are always looking for motivated students to carry out their theses and projects in our group. A list of open, thrilling offerings will be available shorty. Please feel free to contact us, if you would like to be part of our efforts.