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"Web engineering is the establishment and use of sound scientific, engineering and management principles and disciplined and systematic approaches to the successful development, deployment and maintenance of high quality Web-based systems and applications." (San Murugesan)

Web engineering relies on traditional software engineering techniques. However, engineering for the Web presents new challenges or at least re-emphasises old ones. Web systems require fast development of usable prototypes, which are improved incrementally. The potential user base of a Web system is significantly larger and more heterogenous than in most projects, thus making it more difficult to define requirements. Web engineering has to tackle a myriad of other topics, such as information modelling, component integration, data visualisation, and personalisation.

Our working group has successfully completed two Web engineering projects using Graph technology and Meta technology :

  • The main focus of the CeraNet software lies in supporting the user in the authoring process of industrial production processes. A comprehensive Web site is generated from data stored in graphs. This data can be managed using a dedicated software tool.
  • In the EWIS project, graph technology has again been used to represent information that is to be transformed into a Web site. A graph is used as a data repository which is automatically consistent with a conceptual model due to the graph schema.

Both below mentioned projects use a generating approach to produce Web sites. Detailed information about this approach can be found under Web site generation.

Using a completely different approach, our group is just developing a new Web site for the computer science department. Here, we employ the open source Web application server Zope.


Beteiligte Personen

Dr. Torsten Gipp



Gipp, Thorsten; Ebert, Jürgen (2005): Web engineering does profit from a functional approach. In: Koch, Nora; Vallecillo, Antonio; Rossi, Gustavo: Proceedings of the Workshop on Model Driven Web Engineering (MDWE' 05). Sidney: