Z Object Publishing Framework (Zope)


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The Z Object Publishing Framework (Zope) is "an open source application server for building content managements, intranets, portals, and custom applications."

With Zope, one can create dynamic Web sites very easily. Zope sports many features one would expect from a content management system, like content/layout separation, authentication and authorisation, and interfaces to extend or customize the functionality. However, Zope is not a (Web) content management system in its own right, but it brings everything one needs to implement specific features.

There exists a very big Zope community of developers and users, heavily contributing and thus enhancing and driving the project. This way, hundreds of so-called products have been published. These are software "components" providing a well-defined functionality. Thus, one can easily create a solution that fits the (mostly very specific) requirements by just plugging-in the appropriate products.

We are using Zope to serve the computer science department Web site (you are looking at it right now). Our working group set up the neccessary environment.


Beteiligte Personen

  • Dr. Torsten Gipp