MSc Lecture/Exercise IT-Management

Die Veranstaltung ist ein Modul bestehend aus Vorlesung und korrespondierender Übung.
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The course is a module consisting of a lecture and a corresponding exercise.
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Course Information

Below some information about the course is highlighted. An additional Course Information document will be provided in the course community on MS Teams.

General Information

This course starts on 27.04.2022. Further information will be available in a MS Teams space shortly.

Registration via KLIPS is mandatory. All students registered in KLIPS for this course will be added to the MS Teams community before the start of the lecture. 


Assessment and Grading

Lecture Course (2 SWS): 3 credit points
Exercise (2 SWS): 3 credit points
Total (4 SWS): 6 credit points


Master's students with fundamental prior knowledge about business administration

Examination (Lecture Course)

The time for the exam will be published in due time in the MS Teams community.

Learning Objectives

On completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand and explain relevant areas of IT-Management
  • Describe and apply the concepts, theories, methods and models taught in the course
  • Follow a methodical approach to the evaluation of solutions for IT-Management
  • Critically discuss the pros and cons of IT-Management concepts and solutions

Course Description

In nowadays business IT has become more than a mere administrative service that supports and maintains the technological infrastructure. IT is a critical success factor for many new and old business models that aim to gain a competitive advantage in their respective market. Accordingly, the management of IT has gained a significant strategic impact on the performance of companies and organizations. 

The course IT-Management aims to enable graduates to analyze IT-Management scenarios. In the course we discuss the strategic background, evaluate different disciplines in IT-Management (e.g. IT-Architecture, IT-Project Management) and have a look at current IT-Management solutions. The course content provides means and directions for future IT professionals (e.g. CIOs) to make decisions about technical architectures, operational scenarios and the organization of IT-Management projects.

Case Study Method

Participants adopt the role of an IT professional to solve concrete case scenarios of real-world organizations. The scenarios are presented in case studies. During the sessions the participants will discuss different courses of action to solve the given problem scenario. Subsequently, the solution will be introduced and explained. By that, the participants learn to analyse a given IT-Management scenario, to identify potential problems and to develop possible solutions.

The lecture will mainly be held in the form of a dialogue. 

Content of the lectures

  • IT-Strategy
  • IT-Governance
  • Strategic IT-Management
  • Operational IT-Management
  • IT-Architecture Management
  • IT-Portfolio Management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • IT-Project/ IT-Programme Management
  • IT-Service Management
  • IT-Risk Management

Sessions, Enrolment and Attendance (Exercise)

The exercise sessions will be held online via MS Teams. Additional tools and the procedure for the delivery of the exercise results will be announced in the first lecture.

Information about the exercise will mainly be shared through the MS Teams Community. There you will also find further information about mandatory attendances.

Literature and Material

All materials (if electronically available) will be uploaded and made accessible on MS Teams. 

Please note: The course language will be English.