Verwaltungsinformatik I



This course takes place 30th June - 7th July 2009 in the context of the Koblenz Summer Academy 2009
Language English


Prof. Dr. Maria Wimmer

Target group

Students in the following curricula:
  • Master in Information Systems
  • Master in Information Management
  • Diploma in Computer Science with special application theme

Note: Students who need to complete the exercise to this lecture, will be served with a respective seminar on e-participation in the winter semester 2009/10.

How to earn the credits

Contributions to discussions during the summer academy (30 %) and elaboration of assignments in specific topics of the lecture (70 % - to be delivered by 15th September 2009)
ECTS 3 (6 with exercises)


Registration will be coordinated within the organizational scope of the Summer Academy 2009. UniKo students can register via MeToo.


Aims of lecture

This lecture offers an introduction to applications of ICT in the public sector.  The course introduces to the general understanding of e-government as a research discipline and respective fields of ICT applications. Furthermore, specific concepts and solutions of e-government and e-participation will be introduced, thereby  taking into account requirements typical to the public sector.

Overview of content and slides



Format template for assignment available here.

Slides on assignments.


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Journals and e-government glossary

List of journals can be found at the EGOV community page.

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