Enterprise Architecture

This course consists of a lecture (2 SWS) and an exercise (2 SWS). It will be held in English.

Information from KLIPS

    Organisational issues

    • Kick-off meeting: 8th April 2019
    • Target audience: Master of Information management, Information Systems, E-Government, Web Science in the first year; Elective for Master of Mathematical Modelling of Complex Systems
    • Description of the module, including workload: see MoMa: 04WI2013
    • Language of the lecture and exercise: English
    • Examinations: Written assignment to be elaborated and delivered by in July (detailed schedule will be communicated at the beginning of the classes).
      To qualify for taking the examination, successful completion of exercises is a precondition. This includes gathering 50 % of points of exercises plus holding at minimum two presentations along the classes of exercises
    • Registration to the lecture can be done via Klips

    Objectives of the module

      • Understanding and mastering the concept of Enterprise Architecture as a means to develop an enterprise concept at different levels of consideration
        • Knowing the principles of enterprise architectures
        • Knowing different frameworks for EA
        • Knowing the functions and governance of EA
      • By walking through the different phases of the TOGAF framework
        • Analysing the contents of a given business scenario for an EA thereby applying different analysis and information gathering methods
        • Modelling the different aspects of an EA through modelling methods
        • Evaluating the activities, methods and tools available along the different phases of an EA

      Benefits of attending the EA course

      • Better understand the added value of structured development, support, and maintenance of IT landscape in an organization and in the network with other organizations; And acquire the respective skills to apply this concept
      • Improve understanding and learn how to manage interoperability
      • Understand and learn how to facilitate system and network management
      • Learn how to pave the way and ensure easier upgrade and exchange of system components
      • Acquire the fundamental skills and means to govern the strategic, process and technology aspects along a coherent IT strategy for an organisation to support business alignment

      Overview of contents

      • Introduction: Enterprise Architecture (EA) as an approach to model, design and analyse Information Systems & socio-technical systems in public and private sector
      • Key concepts of EA
      • Different EA frameworks in comparison
      • Architecture views and viewpoint design
      • Walking through the TOGAF (The Open Group) EA framework and applying the Architecture Development Method (ADM) of TOGAF along a given scenario of online public procurement across borders
        • Analysing the contents of the scenario's business case
        • Applying different analysis and information gathering methods
        • Modelling the different aspects of EA (artefacts) by using modelling methods and tools (Adonis and others)
        • Defining and managing the requirements along the different phases of the ADM
      • Comparing different EA tools


      Lectures Exercises