LsfLecture text/x-perl New Public Management
Die Lehrveranstaltung ist ein Modul bestehend aus Vorlesung (2 SWS) und Seminar (2 SWS). Das Seminar wird im SoSe 2023 gehalten.
LsfLecture Public Governance and Open Government
This module consists of a lecture (2 hours per week) and a seminar (2 hours per week, evolving parallel to the lecture). It is a mandatory course for master in e-government, and it is elective in Master in information management, information systems, web science and web and data science. The seminar can also be taken as seminar in computer science. It is held in English.
LsfLecture Forschungspraktikum/Research Lab E-Government
The research group offers two different subjects along two distinct research labs: a) Entwicklung einer Kostenrechnungs-Applikation für den Weinbau (in Deutsch) and b) AI and COVID: Conceptualizing and developing an architecture for the AI-based expert system (in English)