ZUMA Advanced Simulation Workshop



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Participants of earlier ZUMA Simulation Workshops



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ZUMA Simulation Workshop


Hotel, travel and public transport and information about organisers and organisation can be found on a separate page!

The workshop starts on Monday, June 1, 2009 at 19:00 with a get-together meeting at a restaurant near the campus, go to "Weinerlebnis"->"Weinhaus" (map).

On Tuesday, June 2, 2009, we will start work with short oral presentations of the participants' projects (9 to 12) and comments from the side of the organisers, (12 to 13), then have group meetings in the afternoon (where Michael Möhring, Nigel Gilbert and Klaus G. Troitzsch would be present part of the time).

On Wednesday and Thursday we could meet in plenary sessions in the morning with progress presentations and with presentations of completed projects, and in group sessions in the afternoon (with an excursion to some nice place --- in 2008 we visited  Thurant Castle high above the Moselle; this time it will not be Schloss Stolzenfels south of Koblenz above the Rhine valley, as this is currently being refurbished and cannot be visited. Instead we visit Burg Lahneck (more here, but only in German) with dinner in the castle restaurant). If there is time enough, Nigel and the Koblenz team could also give some presentations of new models and/or new software.

On Friday morning we would have a final plenary session with final reports from the groups (and we should finish at Friday noon, to get at least some of you back home before the weekend, except they want to stay longer — for these we could give hints at how to spend a nice weekend in the UNESCO World Heritage of the Middle Rhine Valley).

Workshop fees are 150 EUR, they must be paid by bank transfer before the workshop or in cash at the beginning of the workshop. They include the two social events and lunch in the university restaurant.


The following modelling software is available in Koblenz (among others which we will definitely not use): STELLA, UMDBS, CoMicS, SimProcess, MIMOSE, RePast, MASON, NetLogo, AnyLogic, Swarm and SDML (though we doubt that any group will use any of the latter three, except one brings a more or less complete model to Koblenz). We could also try to get MadKit and CORMAS running if some of the participants think we should do so.


... are expected to send an abstract to the organisers by the end of March 2009. This abstract should describe a modelling project which could be very tentative (and extended during the workshop), but nearly complete simulation models are also welcome.

The following list will contain some material from participants (abstracts will be published here as soon as they arrive):


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