Descriptive and inferential statistics


  • Tuesday and Friday, 08:30-10:00
  • MK 101

First Session

  • 05/06/2007


  • Klaus G. Troitzsch

Intended Audience

  • Students of Information Management (BSc) 1st year


  • Two assignments (15 % each) and written examination (July 24 / September 25) (70 %), details on the German page
  • Second chance (March 4, 2008)

Related Event

  • Tutorial: Monday 08:30-10 or Tuesday 10-12 F 112/F 113

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The aim of this module is to give an introduction into the statistical methods of the social and economic sciences, based on the knowledge gained in the lecture course on theory building, research process and data collection methods.

By the end of this module, a student should understand

  • which methods are used to analyse the data that are usually available for economists and social scientists,
  • which methods can be used for which purposes and which pitfalls they open.

Syllabus and time schedule of the lecture course

  1. Univariate Statistics (05/06 [definitely no lecture on 08/06!])
  2. Bivariate Statistics, Nominal Data (12-15/06)
  3. Bivariate Statistics, Ordinal Data (15-19/06)
  4. Bivariate Statistics, Metric Data; Multiple Regression (19/06, 22/06 [no lecture on 26/06 due to a meeting of the Hochschulrat!])
  5. Factor Analysis (03/07)
  6. Cluster Analysis (06/07)
  7. Discriminant Analysis (06/07 [no lecture on 13/07 due to EMIL project meeting!])
  8. Summary (10/07, 17/07, 20/07)

Course material

All slides for this course can soon be found here (to be updated).

The statistics discussed in this course is also dealt with in Andreas Engel, Michael Möhring, Klaus G. Troitzsch: Sozialwissenschaftliche Datenanalyse. Mannheim: BI Wissenschaftverlag 1995.

Basic Reading


The data analysis software system SPSS is available in all labs using XP:

All Programs -> SPSS for Windows --> SPSS 15.0 for Windows

Additional information on SPSS:

Data Sets

This data sets will be used in the tutorial

Time schedule for the labs


To be discussed on


Introduction to SPSS



Data transformation/preparation



Univariate statistics


23/06/2007 08:59:59

Bivariate statistics (nominal/ordinal)


30/06/2007 08:59:59

Bivariate/Multiple Regression


07/07/2007 08:59:59

Factor Analysis


14/07/2007 08:59:59