Simulation Seminar


19/09/05 10-17, 20/09/05 9-17, 21/09/05 9-13, 22/09/05 9-16

  • MA 213

First Sessions

  • 31 May 2005, 16-18, MA 120


Intended Audience

Computer Science: 3rd or 4th year


  • Presentation (during a workshop starting on September 19)
  • seminar paper (only for those who cannnot be in Koblenz during the presentation workshop

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Via MeToo (closed, late registrations can no longer be accepted).


This seminar will analyse and discuss different approaches to simulating the behaviour of pedestrians and car drivers (emergence of paths, causes of traffic jams, emergency situations). A list of topics can be found below.

The seminar is held in the context of the DFG funded research project Traffic . This is why other members, too, will be involved in the seminar preparation and the supervision of particpants.

Because of the high number of prospective participants we offer the seminar in three parts.

  • Part one encompasses reports (from individual students) on simulation models found in the literature which should be critically reviewed and if possible demonstrated live.
  • In part two, a group of students should analyse the requirements for software to be written later on which would enable users to simulate pedestrian, biker and car driver behaviour on a large scale, e.g. in situations such as evacuating a football stadium or a mall, or in situation in an area with several street with several crossings.
  • In part three, groups of three students will implement algorithms of route choice decisions and of learning, experiment with them and discuss the algorithms, their implementation and simulation results. Algorithms will be implemented on a platform which will be made available early enough.

The seminar will use a shared workspace into which all registered participants were invited. The available literature can be found in the workspace. More information on the seminar organisation can be found on the German version of this site.

Basic Reading

Nigel Gilbert and Klaus G. Troitzsch: Simulation for the Social Scientist 2005. Open University Press. London (second edition).

Dirk Helbing: Verkehrsdynamik 1997, Springer. Berlin

For more literature (all the papers available in the shared workspace) see the German page.

Interesting links

Dirk Helbing's website has several simulations and references.