ZUMA Advanced Simulation Workshop

Intended Audience

participants of earlier ZUMA Simulation workshops and others who are already working on simulation models of their own and wold like to enjoy communication between simulators


daily progress reports

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Since 2003, we have offered and often redesigned this workshop on the Koblenz Campus of Koblenz-Landau University for participants who learnt the basics in one of our ZUMA Simulation Workshops and who were then working on simulations of their own.


The format of this workshop is as follows:

The workshop starts on Monday at 19:00 with a get-together meeting.

On Tuesday, we start work with short oral presentations of the participants' projects (9 to 12) and comments from the side of the organisers, (12 to 13), then have group meetings in the afternoon (where Michael Möhring, Nigel Gilbert and Klaus G. Troitzsch would be present part of the time).

On Wednesday and Thursday we meet in plenary sessions in the morning with progress presentations and with presentations of completed projects, and in group sessions in the afternoon (with an excursion to a castle in the neighbourhood of Koblenz and one more evening in one of our vineries). If there is time enough, Michael, Nigel and I could also give some presentations of new models and/or new software.

On Friday morning we would have a final plenary session with final reports from the groups.

Details can be found on this page which is often updated.

The Team


Klaus G. Troitzsch Nigel Gilbert Michael Möhring Ulrike May
moderate the discussion, advise and give lectures organises accomodation, social event and everything else (and collects the fees)

Basic Reading



Accomodation is not included in the workshop fees. We will reserve rooms for all participants at Weinhaus Kreuter (map) which is approximately 2350 meters from the university campus. Prices including breakfast: single 38 €, double 65 € per night.

How to get to Koblenz

Koblenz can easily be reached by train from everywhere and particularly from Cologne, Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Hahn airports. For more information refer to the Location part of the ESSA 2005 conference site.

Bus schedule

Note that the bus stops near the campus are 225 meters apart. Links show the exact positions of the bus stops.

  • from the hotel via campus to town center (change buses at the Löhr Center shopping mall to Koblenz Main Station)


    Hotel Campus Löhr Center Shopping Mall
    08:11 08:15 08:23
    08:30 08:34 08:42
    08:49 08:53 09:01
    09:07 09:11 09:19
    09:49 09:53 10:01
    10:19 10:23 10:31
    ... ... ...
    19:49 19:53 20:01
    20:54 20:58 21:06
    21:55 21:59 22:07
    22:55 22:59 23:06
    23:50 23:54 00:02
  • from Koblenz Main Station and Löhr Center shopping mall via university campus to the hotel (take any bus from Koblenz Main Station platform B, C or D, change to bus no. 3 at the next station "Christuskirche" and complain to the local public transport providers)


    Christuskirche campus hotel
    07:47 07:57 08:01
    08:25 08:35 08:39
    08:41 08:51 08:55
    09:21 09:31 09:35
    09:51 10:01 10:05
    10:21 10:31 10:35
    ... ... ...
    19:21 19:31 19:35
    20:22 20:32 20:36
    21:22 21:32 21:36
    22:22 22:32 22:36
    23:23 23:32 23:36