Electronic government I

Intended Audience

  • Students in the Information Management BSc programme, as part of the public management specialisation, students of the computer science "Diplom" programme with information systems as minor as part of the public management specialisation


  • presentation

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This lecture course treats the differences between business administration and public administration and gives an overview of the current state in Germany and other countries.


  1. Basics of public administration
  2. Computer science, information systems, business administration, public administration
  3. What is special about public administration
  4. Information systems in public administration: history and approaches
  5. Public information management
  6. Problems and processes
  7. E-Government
  8. The German e-government project "bund online 2005"
  9. How to implement e-government
  10. Current achievements

Course material

Course material is again available for download, but only in German. An English version is also available.

Basic reading