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Beratung externer und interner Partner


This long-term project advises internal and external partners in statistical analyses. During past years the project has served the following purposes and partners:

  • a survey carried out by IABG for the Telecommunication and Mail Regulatory Board (RegTP) on problems with wireless services.
  • analysis and prediction of electricity consumption of an aluminum plant.
  • development of a tool to support the distribution and analysis of Federal Archive data from old files of the German Democratic Republic.
  • development of tools for optimising transport routes and reducing warehouse costs
  • development of a tool to analyse logfiles of the planned content management system of the DEBEKA insurance group

Internal partners were the Institute of Psychology, students of other faculties, and the other institutes of the faculty for which the research group analysed evaluation surveys.

Project Members


  • Fachhochschule für Öffentliche Verwaltung Fachbereich Polizei Rheinland-Pfalz sowie die Verbandsgemeinden Asbach und Montabaur und die Stadt Worms
  • Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH und Regulierungsbehörde für Telekommunikation und Post
  • KEVAG und CORUS AG, Koblenz
  • Bundesarchiv
  • Tenneco Automotive Heinrich Gillet GmbH
  • Debeka


IABG, Bundesarchiv, Sonstige


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