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System Modernisation of University Management

This project ran from September 204 till November 2006 (with the delay of several months in the starting phase as the government of the Russian Federation did not sign the TACIS agreement with the European Commission before November 2004 such that the European Commission could only sign the project contract with the University of Koblenz-Landau in mid-December 2005).

The main objective of the project was to develop, by transfer of existing experience and expertise, an effective university management in Russian and Ukrainian universities based on strategic and operational planning and information support. To obtain this goal it was necessary to solve the following tasks:

  • to design a distributed information system for information support of management;
  • to improve the management structure (including creation of few divisions assigned to support the following service functions of the information system: - computer network administration;
    • database administration;
    • servicing of information system;
    • development, maintenance and adaptation of software, and
  • to provide a high quality of management personnel through training and retraining of different categories of managers in the fields of:
    • general computer literacy;
    • special IT-knowledge;
    • theory and experience of strategic planning;
    • other special knowledge.

Leading staff of the NIS universities visited the EU universities for short retraining programmes. Development plans for the NIS universities were written, taking into account different needs and traditions at these universities. Business processes were redesigned, and they are now supported by new software whose design was partly adapted from software used at the EU partner universities and mostly written from scratch. Courses for permanent retraining of the administrative staff were designed and implemented. These courses will continue to be taught every year even after the end of the project.

The following material is no longer available online but can be ordered from the Official project website (note: this page is currently being revised and thus not fully functional)

agenda of the kick-off meeting

1st project report (approved)

2nd project report (approved)

agenda of the project dissemination event at DNU in November 2005

documentation of this dissemination workshop

report on this event

project presentation

proceedings of the Tambov meeting

registration certificates of software created during the project

summary delivered by the TSU partner

final report (approved)

more material (partners only)