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Soc Sim Net

Competence Network for introduction of modern technologies in vocational learning in Social Systems Simulation and Research

 socsimnet.jpgThe establishment of the SocSimNet competence network is a base for the transfer of modern social science research knowledge and the transfer of training experience from European universities, which are the members of the European Social Simulation Association to the new EU member states. The project also aims to supplement, adapt, and disseminate this knowledge to old and new EU member states.

The main aim of the "Competence Network for introduction of modern ICTE technologies in vocational learning in Social Systems Simulation and Research --- SocSimNet" pilot project is to reduce the disproportional trend between specialists in social sciences and engineering sciences in a democratic and financially effective way. It will do so by promoting ICTE knowledge and introducing modern research methods in the curriculum's of social science programmes and the educational process. It will also assist in retraining existing specialists. This will ensure:

  • Competitiveness and an adequacy of social science graduates relative to the EU market needs;
  • Retraining of existing social science specialists in line with the requirement for the trends of the knowledge society;
  • Increasing the field of work for social science graduates by helping them to replace the lack of ICTE specialist in society;
  • Well timed vocational guidance for potential students of social or engineering sciences;
  • The provision of an equal and cost effective access to study for each individual or social group, who would not normally have access to education in a traditional form, through the use of e-learning management systems.

These aims will be achieved in close collaboration with the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA).

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Official website of the project

Most of the outcomes of the project can be found here (and will be published on a CD for dissemination).

Skills and courses, 1st draft

Project Members


  1. Vidzeme University College
  2. Latvian Intelligent Systems, Ltd, Egils Ginters, coordinator
  3. Universität Koblenz-Landau
  4. Universidad de Valladolid
  5. University of Surrey, Department of Sociology
  6. Latvijas Tūrisma Aģentu Asociācija [Association of Latvian Travel Agents] (ALTA)
  7. Rīgas Tehniskā Universitāte [Riga Technical University] (RTU)
  8. Rīgas rajona padome [Riga district council]
  9. Rīgas rajona reģionālais datorcentrs [Riga District Council Regional IT Centre] (RITC)


Leonardo da Vinci program, European Union


10/2004-03/2006 Ref. no. 2004-LV/04/B/F/PP-172.000-LIS