Vortrag vom 26.03.2014

Vortragender: Andrei Varanovich

Titel: Software Chrestomathy


Software Chrestomaty is defined as a collection of software systems meant to be useful in learning about or gaining insight into software languages, software technologies, software concepts, programming and software engineering. 101companies software chrestomathy is a community project with the attributes of Research 2.0 infrastructure for various stakeholders in software languages and technologies communities. The core of 101companies combines a semantic wiki and confederated open source repositories. We designed and developed an integrated ontology-based knowledge base about software languages and technologies. The knowledge is created by the community of contributors and supported with the running examples with structured documentation. The whole ecosystem is exposed by using Linked Data principles and equipped with the additional metadata about individual artifacts. Within the context of software chrestomathy we explored a new type of software architecture -- linguistic architecture that is targeted on the languages and technologies relationships within a software product and based on the megamodels. Our approach to documentation of the software systems is highly structured and makes use of the concepts of the newly developed megamodeling language MegaL. We "connect" the emerging ontology with the megamodeling artifacts to raise the cognitive value of the linguistic architecture.