Vortrag vom 28.05.2014

Vortragender: Mahdi Derakhshanmanesh

Titel: Combining Model-Centric Variability and Adaptivity Management for Dynamic Software Product Lines - Towards Model-Integrating Development


Existing approaches for building and evolving software systems are often based on a combination of components and various kinds of models. For example, feature models support managing variability and reuse in software product lines. In self-adaptive software, reflective models at different granularity-levels are connected with the underlying code and facilitate the (partially automated) adaptation of the running system. The recently proposed dynamic software product lines even mix models and techniques related to variability and adaptivity. Yet, a blueprint for the systematic and modular construction of such systems is missing, and, when following the conventional model-driven development process, the challenge arises that over time model and code may be not aligned.


Thus, we propose the integration of (executable) models and code at the component-level. Redundancy -- the source of inconsistencies -- is reduced by interpreting models directly. In this setup, variability and adaptivity can be achieved and managed by querying and transforming the embedded models. As the basis for such Model-Integrating Components (MoCos), we introduce a component realization concept that is compatible with existing component technologies. Furthermore, we provide a reference implementation using Java, OSGi and TGraphs and apply it successfully in a feasibility study on Android.