Research Reports

Peter Baumgartner.
Hyper Tableaux --- The Next Generation.
Research Report 32-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Jens Woch.

A component-based and abstractivistic Agent Architecture for the modelling of MAS in the Social Sciences.
Research Report 31-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Marcel Bresink.

A Software Test-Bed for Global Illumination Research.
Research Report 30-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Marcel Bresink.

Deutschsprachige Terminologie des Radiosity-Verfahrens.
Research Report 29-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Jürgen Ebert, Bernt Kullbach, Andreas Panse.
The Extract-Transform-Rewrite Cycle - A Step towards MetaCARE.
Research Report 28-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Jose Arrazola, Jürgen Dix, Mauricio Osorio.
Confluent Rewriting Systems for Logic Programming Semantics.
Research Report 27-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Lutz Priese.

A Note on Nondeterministic Reversible Computations.
Research Report 26-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry) Stephan Philippi.
System modelling using Object-Oriented Pr/T-Nets.
Research Report 25-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry) Lutz Priese, Yurii Rogojine, Maurice Margenstern.
Finite H-Systems with 3 Test Tubes are not Predictable.
Research Report 24-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry) Peter Baumgartner (Hrsg.).
Jahrestreffen der GI-Fachgruppe 1.2.1 `Deduktionssysteme' --- Kurzfassungen der Vorträge.
Research Report 23-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Jens M. Felderhoff, Thomas Marx.
Erkennung semantischer Integritätsbedingungen in Datenbankanwendungen.
Research Report 22-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Angelika Franzke.
Specifying Object Oriented Systems using GDMO, ZEST and SDL'92.
Research Report 21-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Angelika Franzke.
Recommendations for an Improvement of GDMO.
Research Report 20-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Jürgen Dix, Lu{\'\i}s Moniz Pereira, Teodor Przymusinski.
Logic Programming and Knowledge Representation (LPKR '97) (Proceedings of the ILPS '97 Postconference Workshop).
Research Report 19-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Lutz Priese, Harro Wimmel.

A Uniform Approach to True-Concurrency and Interleaving Semantics for Petri Nets.
Research Report 18-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Ulrich Furbach (Ed.).
IJCAI-97 Workshop on Model Based Automated Reasoning.
Research Report 17-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Jürgen Dix, Frieder Stolzenburg.
A Framework to Incorporate Non-Monotonic Reasoning into Constraint Logic Programming.
Research Report 16-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Carlo Simon, Hanno Ridder, Thomas Marx.

The Petri Net Tools Neptun and Poseidon.
Research Report 15-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, Andreas Winter (Eds.).

CAiSE'97 --- 4th Doctoral Consortium on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, Barcelona, June 16-17, 1997, Proceedings.
Research Report 14-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

 Jürgen Ebert, Roger Süttenbach.
An OMT Metamodel.
Research Report 13-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Stefan Brass, Jürgen Dix, Teodor Przymusinski.

Super Logic Programs.
Research Report 12-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Jürgen Dix, Mauricio Osorio.

Towards Well-Behaved Semantics Suitable for Aggregation.
Research Report 11-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Chandrabose Aravindan, Peter Baumgartner.

A Rational and Efficient Algorithm for View Deletion in Databases.
Research Report 10-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Wolfgang Albrecht, Dieter Zöbel.

Integrating Fixed Priority and Static Scheduling to Maintain External Consistency.
Research Report 9-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Jürgen Ebert, Alexander Fronk.
Operational Semantics of Visual Notations.
Research Report 8-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Thomas Marx.

APRIL - Visualisierung der Anforderungen.
Research Report 7-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Jürgen Ebert, Manfred Kamp, Andreas Winter.
A Generic System to Support Multi-Level Understanding of Heterogeneous Software.
Research Report 6-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Roger Süttenbach, Jürgen Ebert.

A Booch Metamodel.
Research Report 5-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Jürgen Dix, Luis Pereira, Teodor Przymusinski.
Prolegomena to Logic Programming for Non-Monotonic Reasoning.
Research Report 4-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Angelika Franzke.

GRAL 2.0: A Reference Manual.
Research Report 3-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Ulrich Furbach.
A View to Automated Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence.
Research Report 2-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)

Chandrabose Aravindan, Jürgen Dix, Ilkka Niemelä .

DisLoP: A Research Project on Disjunctive Logic Programming.
Research Report 1-97 (Abstract, Report, BiBTeX Entry)