Research Reports

Manfred Rosendahl.
Objektorientierte Implementierung einer Constraint basierten geometrischen Modellierung
Fachberichte Informatik 12--2004 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (257.4kB) )

Urs Kuhlmann, Harry Sneed, and Andreas Winter.
Workshop Reengineering Prozesse (RePro 2004) --- Fallstudien, Methoden, Vorgehen, Werkzeuge
Fachberichte Informatik 11--2004 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (1.5MB) [HTML]  )

Bernhard Beckert and Gerd Beuster.
Formal Specification of Security-relevant Properties of User-Interfaces
Fachberichte Informatik 10--2004 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (268.0kB) [ps.gz] (199.7kB) )

Bernhard Beckert, Martin Giese, Elmar Habermalz, Reiner Hähnle, Andreas Roth, Philipp Rümmer, and Steffen Schlager.
Taclets: A New Paradigm for Constructing Interactive Theorem Provers
Fachberichte Informatik 9--2004 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (543.3kB) [ps.gz] (287.2kB) )

Achim Rettinger.
Learning from Recorded Games: A Scoring Policy for Simulated Soccer Agents
Fachberichte Informatik 8--2004 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (2.1MB) [ps.gz] (810.6kB) )

Oliver Obst and Markus Rollmann.
Spark --- A Generic Simulator for Physical Multi-agent Simulations
Fachberichte Informatik 7--2004 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (297.7kB) [ps.gz] (215.5kB) )

Frank Dylla, Alexander Ferrein, Gerhard Lakemeyer, Jan Murray, Oliver Obst, Thomas Röfer, Frieder Stolzenburg, Ubbo Visser, and Thomas Wagner.
Towards a League-Independent Qualitative Soccer Theory for RoboCup
Fachberichte Informatik 6--2004 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (217.8kB) [ps.gz] (167.7kB) )

Peter Baumgartner, Ulrich Furbach, Margret Groß-Hardt, and Thomas Kleemann.
Model Based Deduction for Database Schema Reasoning
Fachberichte Informatik 5--2004 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (212.5kB) [ps.gz] (159.8kB) )

Lutz Priese.
A Note on Recognizable Sets of Unranked and Unordered Trees
Fachberichte Informatik 4--2004 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (297.2kB) [ps.gz] (356.4kB) )

Lutz Priese.
Petri Net DAG Languages and Regular Tree Languages with Synchronization
Fachberichte Informatik 3--2004 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (384.5kB) [ps.gz] (471.2kB) )

Ulrich Furbach, Margret Groß-Hardt, Bernd Thomas, Tobias Weller, and Alexander Wolf.
Issues Management: Erkennen und Beherrschen von kommunikativen Risiken und Chancen
Fachberichte Informatik 2--2004 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (163.8kB) )

Andreas Winter and Carlo Simon.
Exchanging Business Process Models with GXL
Fachberichte Informatik 1--2004 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (435.4kB) [ps.gz] (347.7kB) )