Research Reports

Kurt Lautenbach and Alexander Pinl.
Probability Propagation in Petri Nets
Fachberichte Informatik 16--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (506.2kB) )

Rainer Gimnich, Uwe Kaiser, and Andreas Winter.
2. Workshop ''Reengineering Prozesse'' --- Software Migration ---
Fachberichte Informatik 15--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (1.8MB) )

Jan Murray, Frieder Stolzenburg, and Toshiaki Arai.
Hybrid State Machines with Timed Synchronization for Multi-Robot System Specification
Fachberichte Informatik 14--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (252.2kB) )

Reinhold Letz.
FTP 2005 --- Fifth International Workshop on First-Order Theorem Proving
Fachberichte Informatik 13--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (2.0MB) )

Bernhard Beckert.
TABLEAUX 2005 --- Position Papers and Tutorial Descriptions
Fachberichte Informatik 12--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (819.3kB) )

Dietrich Paulus and Detlev Droege.
Mixed-reality as a challenge to image understanding and artificial intelligence
Fachberichte Informatik 11--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (3.1MB) )

Jürgen Sauer.
19. Workshop Planen, Scheduling und Konfigurieren / Entwerfen
Fachberichte Informatik 10--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (2.0MB) )

Pascal Hitzler, Carsten Lutz, and Gerd Stumme.
Foundational Aspects of Ontologies
Fachberichte Informatik 9--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (956.2kB) )

Joachim Baumeister and Dietmar Seipel.
Knowledge Engineering and Software Engineering
Fachberichte Informatik 8--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (2.2MB) )

Benno Stein and Sven Meier zu Eißen.
Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Text-Based Information Retrieval
Fachberichte Informatik 7--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (1.5MB) )

Andreas Winter and Jürgen Ebert.
Metamodel-driven Service Interoperability
Fachberichte Informatik 6--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (283.3kB) )

Joschka Boedecker, Norbert Michael Mayer, Masaki Ogino, Rodrigo da Silva Guerra, Masaaki Kikuchi, and Minoru Asada.
Getting closer: How Simulation and Humanoid League can benefit from each other
Fachberichte Informatik 5--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (224.1kB) )

Torsten Gipp and Jürgen Ebert.
Web Engineering does profit from a Functional Approach
Fachberichte Informatik 4--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (362.3kB) )

Oliver Obst, Anita Maas, and Joschka Boedecker.
HTN Planning for Flexible Coordination Of Multiagent Team Behavior
Fachberichte Informatik 3--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (287.9kB) )


Andreas von Hessling, Thomas Kleemann, and Alex Sinner.
Semantic User Profiles and their Applications in a Mobile Environment
Fachberichte Informatik 2--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (191.1kB) )

Heni Ben Amor and Achim Rettinger.
Intelligent Exploration for Genetic Algorithms -- Using Self-Organizing Maps in Evolutionary Computation
Fachberichte Informatik 1--2005 ( Details   BibTeX    Download: [pdf] (780.0kB) )