The following tender texts have been translated in a meaningful and free way. They cannot be referred to officially.

Preamble to the tender procedure


For reasons of better readability, the General Student Commitee is referred to as AStA and Student Parliament as StuPa in this document.

The AStA is the executive body of the student body. All officers have a political mandate and act on behalf of the student parliament. The mission of the AStA is to represent the interests of the student body in society; the well-being of the student body is at the center of its work.

It represents the economic and social interests of the student body and participates in the promotion of studies and education. It promotes the political, cultural, social and sporting interests of the students.  The interests as well as suggestions of the students are to be included and supported.
All advisors are elected to specific areas of expertise, but are also
are required to actively participate in non-departmental work and in all AStA projects. They are encouraged to show mutual collegiality.

The work as a consultant requires qualities such as commitment, reliability, teamwork and integrity. Discretion about the personal concerns of individual students as well as adequate availability are a matter of course.
In order to involve the student body in the work of the student self-administration, officers can set up working groups to advise and support them in their activities. These working groups are under their respective responsibility.
Regular participation in the AStA meetings as well as the continuous publication of relevant information to the student body are obligatory.
At all events, they must ensure that the support provided by the student body is recognizable; this applies in particular to events with other university bodies and external parties. In addition, the international students should be included in all events as far as possible.
Further duties as a speaker include the monthly submission of a report on their work, offering regular office hours, archiving the work of the speaker and creating or updating the speaker's guide for successors.
The glorification or support of ideologies and groups hostile to the constitution or to humanity is not compatible with the execution of the office.
The activity in the AStA is honorary and a long-term assumption of the department is desired. The student body will compensate the officers for their time and effort with a monthly expense allowance as determined by the StuPa.