M12-Exam: Exam Details and Form for Digital Exams

Information on Digital Oral Exams in Cultural Studies (m12)– Winter Term 2021

What is the exam procedure?

Let's say you have an appointment at 10.00 a.m. on a Thursday morning. Your examiners will send you an invitation to a Zoom meeting on Wednesday. Please confirm via email that you received the invitation. A few minutes before your exam appointment, join the meeting. You will be put directly into the virtual "waiting room." Wait there until your examiners let you into the meeting. At first, you will see both your examiners. You will be asked to show your photo ID. Hold your student ID card into the camera. You may also be asked to show your room so that the examiners can see that you are alone. During the exam you need to set up the camera so that both you and the closed door are visible at all times. Once the formalities are over, the exam can start.

Then you can choose which part of your exam comes first (Cultural Studies or Linguistics or Literature or TEFL). Then the examiner of that discipline will be asking the questions. He or she will keep their camera on. The other examiner will listen in and take notes. He or she will shut off their camera during the exam so that you do not get distracted.

The actual exam will take 15 minutes for each discipline, i.e. 30 minutes all together. The examiners will swap their camera settings after 15 minutes and the exam will continue with your second subject.

The examiner might extend the time of the exam slightly if there have been any problems, such as technical glitches. Once the exam is over, he or she will put you back in the waiting room. Do not leave the meeting! While you are waiting, your two examiners will agree on your grade. Once the grade has been decided, you will be brought back into the meeting. The examiners will tell you your grade and give you a very brief description of why the exam received this grade. Then they will say goodbye and you will leave the meeting. The exam is over.

What if there are technical difficulties during the exam?

If there is a small disturbance during the exam, we will simply continue and add the lost time to the total length of the exam. If audio or video contact is lost on either side, we will re- establish it as quickly as possible and carry on. If the disturbance is severe, or if contact is broken off and cannot be re-established, we will inform you immediately via e-mail (using your university email account) that the exam has been broken off. The exam will then be repeated as a face-to-face exam.

Since you have agreed to do an online exam, you must ensure that you have the possibility of doing so in a satisfactory manner. This means you need a room (you must take the exam indoors) and a device with a reliable internet connection, a working microphone and webcam (integrated or external). If you do not have these things at home, you must make arrangements for them elsewhere. If you are not familiar with working on Zoom on this device, give it a practice run well before your exam to make sure everything works.

What if I am sick on exam day?

If you are sick on the day of your exam, do not take the exam, and do not join the Zoom meeting. Send your examiners an e-mail as soon as possible (before the appointment!), and inform them that you cannot take the exam. Inform the HPA and send them a doctor's note.


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