Political Masculinities - Network

This network welcomes researchers from all cultures and academic disciplines interested in the field of political masculinities.


We hope to continue the interdisciplinary discussions on political masculinities held at the conferences in Landau, Vienna and Cambridge in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016.

On these websites we will publish information on research on political masculinities, publications, projects and requests for cooperation.


Projects & Work in Progress:


We are happy to announce the next conference in the series:

"Political Masculinities and Populism"

1 to 3 December, 2017, at Landau University, Germany.

Please see "Conference "Political Masculinities and Populism" on the left for the conference website.


We would also like to thank the organising team at Anglia Ruskin University for their great work in organising the 2016 conference:

Political Masculinities as Agents of Change - Conference from 9-11 December, 2016

Call for Papers: "Political Masculinities as Agents of Change," 9-11 December, 2016, at Anglia Rusking University, Cambridge, UK (click here for further information)


International Research Network RENGOO

Focusing on Gender, Masculinity, Antisemitism and Orientalism. Homepage: www.rengoo.net

Current Project at the University of Dresden, Germany: Metzler Handbook of Masculinity Studies (forthcoming, co-edited by Stefan Horlacher, Bettina Schötz and Wieland Schwanebeck)



Past Projects at the University of Dresden (click here)

PhD thesis on radical right masculinities (Ov Cristian Norocel, Dr. Soc. Sci.; University of Helsinki, Finland) www.norocel.eu


"Critical approaches to masculinities: coloniality, neoliberlaism, globalization" at the "Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales"


Program: http://www2.univ-paris8.fr/RING/spip.php?article2961

Contact and official page: http://www.ehess.fr/fr/enseignement/enseignements/2013/ue/880/