Cognitive Explorations into Metaphor and Metonymy

The annual symposium entitled “Cognitive Explorations into Metaphor and Metonymy” has been held since 2009, alternating between the participating institutes, namely the English Department at the University of Heidelberg (2019) and the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (forthcoming, December 2021). The English Department at the University of Koblenz-Landau joined the symposium for the first time in 2019 and will be its host in May 2021. During this symposium, BA and MA students, graduates and PhD students present their work and discuss it with invited experts. These symposia have already resulted in two edited volumes comprising student contributions and essays by leading international authors such as Zoltán Kövecses and Andreas Musolff. An edited volume on Cognition and Culture. The Role of Metaphor and Metonymy was published in 2012 by Kleinke, Kövecses, Musolff and Szelid (Eötvös University Press); Polzenhagen, Kövecses, Vogelbacher and Kleinke edited a volume on Cognitive Explorations into Metaphor and Metonymy (Peter Lang, 2014).

The 2021 symposium is held digitally in Landau, co-organized by Prof. Andreas Musolff, Prof. Frank Polzenhagen and Neele Mundt. We invited three plenary speakers: first and foremost, Prof Dr Zoltán Kövecses (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest) is one of the leading researchers in the inquiry of conceptual metaphors and metonymy and just very recently published the Extended Conceptual Metaphor Theory (2020, Cambridge University Press) and Where Metaphors come from: Reconsidering Context in Metaphor (2016, Oxford University Press). Secondly, Prof Dr Veronika Szelid (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest) focuses her research mainly on the relationship between language, culture and cognition. In 2012 she edited Cognition and Culture: The Role of Metaphor and Metonymy (with Sonja Kleinke, Zoltán Kövecses and Andreas Musolff). Lastly, Prof Dr Andreas Musolff’s (University of East Anglia) research interests can be placed at the juncture of cognitive metaphor studies, intercultural and multicultural communication, and discourse analysis. His most recent venture into the discourse of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic resulted in an edited volume, Pandemic and Crisis Discourse: Communicating COVID-19 with Ruth Breeze, Kayo Kondo, and Sara Vilar-Lluch (forthcoming, Bloomsbury).

Next to these keynote speakers, several Bachelor, Master and Doctoral students will present their work. Attendance at the symposium is open to all students of English Studies at Landau. We also plan a workshop for the second day of the symposium that will focus on communicating Covid-19 from different perspectives!

Please contact Neele Mundt () for access to the conference.