Conceptualising Violation as Protection - Interdisciplinary Case Studies

Digital Conference, Landau, September 2021


This conference investigates contemporary configurations of violation as protection. We ask how and in which contemporary contexts acts of violence are conceptualized as protective acts – in such a way that the persons or structures to be protected are themselves violated.


From an emphatically interdisciplinary perspective, we aim to discuss theories and methodological frameworks that can be used to examine configurations of protective violence. We propose to analyse the concepts of protection that are effective in each case, as well as the norms and subject positions that are implied: How is violation as protection conceptualized and justified in different situational and cultural contexts? Which concepts of protection or security are invoked or inflected in the process? Which discourses, ideologies, or social and historical contexts mobilize concepts of ‘violation as protection’? In what ways are configurations of ‘violation as protection’ interlinked with notions of the perpetrator or concepts of victimhood – and to what extent do such configurations imply subject positions that can no longer be grasped with such concepts? How are configurations of ‘violation as protection’ represented across different media?


We look forward to contributions and case studies from a wide range of disciplines, including – but not limited to – sociology, ethnology, political science, peace studies, linguistics, literary, media and cultural studies.


Call for Papers





Neele Mundt

Dr. Christiane Hansen