Objective of the Summer School


With this summer school we want to redress the lack of a theoretical framework of the concept "political masculinities" by introducing young academics to the  concept and by explicitly welcoming a questioning of the current definition and strongly encouraging its modification and improvement.

We will develop new, more precise, definitions; inquire into the value of this new analytical category for the participants’ own work; critically review the application of the concept within different academic disciplines and European cultures; and discuss suitable methods for the analysis of “political masculinities”. For this purpose, theories, methods and case studies from political science, masculinity studies, sociology and cultural studies will be presented and discussed in dialogue with the participants’ own work.

In addition, juxtaposing your own application of the concept of “political masculinities” in your academic discipline, (national/ethnic) culture and social and political environments with that of others will enable you to also critically question and evaluate your work and engage in a fruitful debate about the merits of theoretical tools in general and the concept of “political masculinities” in particular.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to funding regulations, we cannot accept participants of previous “political masculinities” conferences.