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About The Education University of Hong Kong (HKIEd):

Hong Kong (“Fragrant Harbour"), officially known as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is a megacity on the southern coast of China at the Pearl River Estuary and the South China Sea. Hong Kong is well known for its expansive skyline, deep natural harbour and extreme population density. The current population of Hong Kong comprises 93.6% ethnic Chinese.

The Education University of Hong Kong (established in 1994) is located north of Hong Kong Island in the New Territories close to the Chinese sea. It is a publicly-funded tertiary institution dedicated particularly to the advancement of teaching and learning, through a diverse offering of academic and research programmes on teacher education and complementary social sciences and humanities disciplines. The Institute certainly can be regarded as a leading university on education, creating an impact and defining the education landscape not only for Hong Kong but also for the whole Asia Pacific region. Due to its strong educational orientation the university constitutes an ideal academic background for Landau students striving to become teachers of English in German schools and higher institutions.

Exchange coordinator:

Dr. Neele Mundt

Institut für fremdsprachliche Philologien

Fach Anglistik

Marktstrasse 40

76829 Landau

Phone:: +49 6341 280 33207

Email: mundt at

Exchange places: 3 per year


Detailed information about the Department of English Language Education can be found here:

Course offerings and time table:


Bachelor of Education (English Language)

Similarly to the situation in Landau, English is a very important subject in Hong Kong primary and secondary schools. Students of the B.Ed. programme have the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge of English as well as different methods of teaching English as a second language. The programme is highly practical, requiring students to use English for a variety of academic and professional purposes throughout their studies.


Tuition fees: none




How to apply:

Applications should include

(i) a cover sheet (please download here),

(ii) a CV (Lebenslauf) in English or German with a passport photograph,

(iii) a letter of motivation in English explaining why you are applying for this particular university and which courses you are intending to take during your semester abroad, and

(iv) a printout of your academic transcript (Bescheinigung über bisher erbrachte Studienleistungen in allen Fächern) from KLIPS


The application deadline (usually mid-January) will be announced during our international evening in December, where all the exchange programmes are introduced and options for funding are presented.

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