BA/MA Theses, Term Papers & Portfolio

The following information is for Bachelor and Master Theses as well as Term Papers and other shorter Essays in English studies. Although aimed at shorter papers, the guidelines below entail all necessary information concerning style, structure and aim of your BA and MA thesis as well as important citation and bibliographical requirements. The only difference is the length of your respective exam:


Term Papers should consist of a minimum of 4.000 (B.Ed. and 2-Fach-Bachelor) / 8,000(M.Ed.) words and not exceed 4,100/8,100 words


The Bachelor-Thesis should be approximately 30 pages, which corresponds to about 11.000 words. Justified deviations from this guideline must be agreed upon in advance with the supervising lecturer.


The Master-Thesis various lengths depending on your course of studies. For detailed information, please check: 


Cover page design




For more information see:


For detailed information on current exam regulations (term papers, portfolio in module 11, oral exam in module 12), please see: "Anglistische Regelung zu Prüfungsleistungen".