Language Practice

Language Courses at Landau Campus


Whatever the subject – Literature, Linguistics, Cultural Studies or TEFL – English is the working language at our department. Courses taught in a foreign language inevitably develop students’ vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Ideally, they will also hone reading, listening, speaking and writing skills as students prepare for and listen to lectures, discuss content in seminars and workshops, give presentations, take notes and write assignments. To ensure that our students benefit from this natural process, our B.Ed., B.A. and M.Ed. courses are generally taught in English. At the same time, we run a number of formal language courses designed to focus on particular aspects of the language system and improve students’ skills. While in our B.Ed. and B.A. courses the focus is on the main building blocks of the English language (pronunciation, lexis and grammar), the M.Ed. courses take a more holistic approach, putting the emphasis on productive skills, as is illustrated by the figure below.


Language Practice Overview