Tutorienprogramm Anglistik



Within the framework of this programme, 7 additional tutorials are offered in the current term (WiSe 2019/20). They take a peer-to-peer approach and their major objective is to foster autonomous-learning skills. For the way they communicate with the regular modules, see here:


Student Superhero

Tutor: Ann Biedermann/Carolin Hasa

Mentor: Thomas Gurke

Beginning: May 1st 2020



Papers please!

Tutor: Carolin Hasa

Mentor: Dr. Christiane Hansen

Beginning: TBA (see details)



Practising phonetics and phonology

Tutor: Ashley Stevens

Mentor: Neele Mundt

Beginning: May 4th 2020

Info: Exercises, tasks, online forum and video conferences accompanying Neele Mundt’s M 1.1 module


Learn to learn

for module 2 and beyond

Tutor: Ann Biedermann

Mentor: Dr. Anke Uebel

Beginning: May 4th 2020


Doing linguistics with materials suitable for elementary school

Tutor: Nadja Schweikert

Mentor: Dr. Monika Reif / Prof. Frank Polzenhagen

Beginning: April 27th 2020

Info: Exercises, tasks and videos within the OLAT resource of Dr. Reif’s and Prof. Polzenhagen’s lectures (Module 3)


Focussing on the pronunciation in the English classroom

Tutor: Phillip Maas

Mentor: Dr. Bernd Engelhart

Beginning: April 30th 2020


Self-directed learning of pronunciation

Tutor: Mareike Garrels

Mentor: Dr. Anke Uebel

Beginning: May 5th 2020


Speaking Skills

Tutor: Chiara Schmitt

Mentor: Dr. Imke von Helden (USZ)

Beginning: April 20th 2020