Restaurants/pubs in and outside Landau

Restaurants marked with * are not in the centre of Landau but still noteworthy.

1) Palatine Cuisine

Zur Blum
Kaufhausgasse 9
The cuisine is seasonal and regional. In the evening, a reservation is recommended.

Industriestraße 9A
A quaint restaurant and wine bar with bourgeois cuisine.

Vier Jahreszeiten

Weißquartierstraße  25
This restaurant offers a variety of German and Mediterranean dishes.



2) Italian Restaurants

Sapori d'Italia
Trappengasse 18
Authentic-Italian atmosphere. Noteworthy: the opportunity to buy Italian delicacies at their shop.

Rathausplatz 1
Italian and Mediterranean restaurant, excellent for a short coffee break.

Rheinstraße 29
Pizzas and pasta dishes. Especially the size of the pizzas are legendary.



3) Indian Food

Indian Tandoori
Nußbaumgasse 8
The menu offers a great variety of Indian dishes, also suitable for vegetarians.



4) Greek Restaurants
Traditional Greek cuisine: All restaurants offer mainly dishes which contain meat.

Schützengasse 4

Königstraße 20

Matin-Luther-Straße 26

5) European cuisine (mixed)

Obertorplatz 4
Breakfast and brunch are highly recommended. Also on the menu: salads, small plates and mixed main courses.

Oel de Vie
Marktstraße 44
Oel de Vie combines the German and Italian cuisine (especially in form of antipasti and pasta), also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Marktstraße 45
This restaurant offers mixed dishes, partly vegetarian.

Le Bistro
Rathausplatz 6
Italian cuisine; You should ask for the daily changing lunch offers.

Sternl Altstadt No. 1
Kleiner Platz 6
Sternl Alstadt No. 1 is a small bistro just a few minutes from the Rathausplatz.

Reiterstraße 17
This location is a combination of café, bar, restaurant and lounge.



6) Vegan/Vegetarian

Cafe Frey
Marktstraße 94
A purely vegan Restaurant & Cafe.

Suppe mag Brot
Friedrich- Ebert – Straße 15
The menu shows a great variety of soups, but also salad & cake; vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Akzent Kaffeehaus
Westbahnstraße 31
Akzent offers vegetarian and vegan dishes; organic.



7) Burger Bars & Steak Houses

Cowboy Burger House
Ostbahnstraße 34
Here you will find a tasty, but slightly small selection of burgers and snacks.

El Toro Steakhouse
Pestalozzistraße 21
A popular restaurant which offers steaks, tapas and many other delicacies.



8) Thai, Chinese, Sushi & Co.

Ostbahnstraße 27
This Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant has opened just recently. It serves sushi and a variety of rice – and/or noodle dishes.

Laai Kanook*
Rheinstraße 24
Dishes are prepared according to the original recipes of Thai cuisine, so spicy means spicy!

Halong Wok
Ostbahnstraße 2a
If you are in a hurry, a Chinese fast food restaurant comes in quite handy.


9) Syrian

Restaurant Schawarma Chef Al Sham
Königstraße 60



10) Cafés/Bistros/Snacks

- Parezzo
Marktstraße 53-55

- Cafe am Markt
Marktstraße 47

- Bibulum
Rathausplatz 1

- La Parisienne
Marktstraße 39

- Sörkel
Ostbahnstraße 25

- Cafe Kuntz
Marktstraße 63-67

- Cafe Klimt
Ostring 18

12) Pubs and Bars

Brennans Irish Pub
Theaterstraße 10
A small and cozy Irish Pub in the centre of Landau. The service is very friendly and fluent in English.

Palmers Irish Pub*
Schillerpark, An 44 20
Very nice beer garden in the middle of the Schillerpark. Highlights: Darts, Karaoke – Night and sometimes Bbq.

Bengels Bar
Königstraße 1
Bengels Bar offers Palatine wines, exceptionally good beers, hand-mixed crews, Brilo or special long drinks.