Abstract (PDF format)



Modupe M.



Botswana's linguistic landscape and empowering the indigenous languages


Amos, Will

Soukup, Barbara



Towards a canon of variables in quantitative linguistic landscape research



Angermeyer, Philipp



A frame of punitive multilingualism: Indexing deviance in the linguistic landscape


Becker, Susanne



Power relations in local linguistic landscapes in the city of Munich



Narinthorn S.



Migrant language in linguistic landscape:

Burmese signage in Samut Sakhon province, Thailand


Belarbi, Khaled



The impact of language contact on linguistic landscape in the city of Tiaret ‘Algeria’


Berk-Seligson, Susan



The discourse of crime and gang violence in the urban landscape of Central America


Blackwood, Robert



Visible flows of globalization in the linguistic landscape of Guadeloupe


Bonsey, Maggie



A stage for Irish revitalization of Galway city


Boussagui, Yassine

El Kirat El Allame, Yamina



Visibility on the Moroccan public landscape and Amazigh language revitalization


Boussiga, Aissa



Choice of languages in the linguistic landscape in Algeria:

Political considerations and diversity of uses



Buchstaller, Isabelle

Alvanides, Seraphim



The ideology of language choice:

Exploring the linguistic landscapes of the Marshall Islands


Diao-Klaeger, Sabine

Zongo, Rosalie



Slogans during mass demonstrations in Burkina Faso (2014/2015):

Graffiti, posters and T-shirts


Domke, Christine


Multimodality in the city:

On the functional organization of different media, perception and locatedness



Ehrhart, Sabine



Linguistic landscapes and superdiversity world-wide: Making the invisible visible?


El Kirat El Allame, Yamina

Khamlichi, Souhaila



Darija in the Moroccan Public Space:

The case of Billboards


Flowerdew, John



Understanding Hong Kong Occupy:

A spatial approach



Gohrbandt, Detlev


Learning to Love the Fatherland:

Verbal and visual landscapes in three 19th century elementary textbooks



Gorter, Durk



Developments on linguistic landscape methodologies


Guowen, Shang



Multilingualism in shop name signs:

An investigation of the Singapore`s linguistic landscapes in private domains



Harbon, Lesley

Halimi, Sisilia



The interaction of text and image in the linguistic landscapes of Indonesia’s primary school environment


Hu, Ying-Hsueh



Multilingual audio announcements, identity and power


Järlehed, Johan



Policing, displaying and seeing cultural distinctiveness in Basque and Galician street-name signs: 
Theoretical, analytical and methodological concerns in ongoing linguistic landscape research



Jaworski, Adam



Faces, gestures, poses:

Commodification of non-verbal behaviour in contemporary consumer culture



Jones, Rodney



Surveillant landscapes, interaction orders and historical bodies


Karlander, David



On the meanings of movement:

Mobile metro graffiti and mutable metropolitan spaces



Kawabata, Takako



Language fluidity and script choice:

Effects of political economy and social change on the transformation of linguistic landscapes in Japan



Krompàk, Edina



Local and ethnic identities:

Linguistic landscapes of superdiverse Kleinbasel in Switzerland



Lazdina, Sanita



Linguistic landscapes as a part of linguistic ethnography:

The methodological design of research in the Latvian Estonian border area (Valka-Valga)



Legère, Karsten

Rosendal, Tove



Linguistic landscape and the African perspective(s)



Malinowski, David



Learning to translate linguistic landscape



Marten, Heiko



Approaches to studying the linguistic landscape of German outside the German-speaking core area:

Investigating linguistic landscapes and their potential for education and languag marketing



Mekamgoum, Solange

Makoudjou, Lydie Christelle


Exploring linguistic landscape as a teaching approach to language awareness in Cameroon secondary schools



Menken, Kate

Perez Rosario, Vanessa

Valerio, Luis Guzmán


Changes to the linguistic landscape of public schools with emergent bilinguals in New York City



Moore, Irina


Sausages, statues, and manhole covers – linguistic and cultural conflict in Vilnius (Lithuania)



Okamura, Akiko


Change in the use of English and the Japanese life style over thirty years as seen through the analysis of house plans



Pennycook, Alastair


Intersectionality, the edge of semiotics and the senses


Peters, Arne


Changing landscapes:

Irish-Gaelic, Irish English and immigrant languages in present-day Ireland



Poseiko, Solvita


Theoretical and methodological synthesis for linguistic landscape research in the Baltic states


Puzey, Guy

Hancock, Andy

McLeod, Wilson


How diverse are we? Exploring linguistic citizenship in Edinburgh through reactions to language visibility


Ritter, Anna

Wolney, Matthias


The Russian language in the linguistic landscape of Western European cities between migration and tourism


Rubdy, Rani



Reification of a linguistic ideal:

The symbolic construction of the Marathi



Salami, Oladípo


The sociolinguistics of the linguistic landscapes of Southwestern Nigeria


Schmitz, Ulrich

Ziegler, Evelyn


Attitudes towards community languages in the linguistic landscapes of the Ruhr area / Germany


Sherstobitova, Iryna


Going beyond the text in the study of the Alps-Adriatic linguistic landscape



Shohamy, Elena



Linguistic landscape after a decade:

Overview of developments, designs, findings, debates and future directions



Sloboda, Marian


Geosemiotics and the management of language shift in the landscape


Smith, Jennifer


Commodifying authenticity- Or:

Tracing the language of gentrification in and through the streets of Shoreditch, London



Sockanathan, Sujitra

Lee, Eileen


Sharmela M.


Linguistic landscape and superdiversity in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) area


Soukup, Barbara


Variationist linguistic landscape research and the question of the survey area:

A report from the project “English in the linguistic landscape of Vienna, Austria” (ELLViA)



Spolsky, Bernard


Some outstanding questions about linguistic landscape





Cape Verde caught between images of “Africa’s Singapore/Luxembourg” and Chinese “colonization”: desirable versus undesirable transformations


Themistocleous, Christiana


Multilingualism in Reading (UK):

Attitudes and linguistic landscape


Titone, Debra

Hamill, Julia

Vingron, Naomi

Leimgruber, Jakob



Eye movement methods to investigate text processing within real-world linguistic landscapes




Tomcik, Stanislav


Sorbian in the linguistic landscape of Budysin-/Bautzen town centre


Tufi, Stefania


Situated spatialities and the linguistic landscape:

A diachronic account of an emblematic square in Naples



Tunde, Asiru Hameed

Usman, Abdulmalik

Benson, Peace


“We are not terrorists”:

A sociolinguistic analysis of graffiti in Mombassa community, Nairobi Kenya


Turner, Graham

Leith, Ella


Hidden in plain view: Charting the sign linguistic landscape


Wrisley, David


Linguistic landscapes at scale:

Affordances and limitations of a mobile data collection approach



Zabrodskaja, Anastassia


Power relations between languages in Estonian linguistic landscapes during 2008 – 2015