Englischer Stammtisch/The English Roundtable


* Sie studieren Englisch? Do you study English?

* Die Seminare sind voll? Your seminars are full up to the brim?

* Sie sprechen viel zu wenig? You don't speak often enough?

* Sie brauchen dringend mehr Praxis? You urgently need more practice?

Verbinden Sie Freizeitvergnügen und den Wunsch nach sprachlicher Übung! Link leisure time fun with your desire for speaking practice!

Sprechen Sie Englisch - losgelöst vom Druck der Uni, von Noten und Zwängen - beim ungezwungenen, gemütlichen Abend am

Talk English – without the usual pressure of university courses and grades – nestled in a nice place and in an unconstrained and informal atmosphere at the


English Roundtable

When: Always the last Friday of the month, from 7 p.m. onwards (except for December)

Where: "Weinstube Kost", Hainbachtalstraße 2, 76835 Gleisweiler 

               Tel. 06345-3000

               A description of the route from Landau to Gleiweiler is given HERE

Who: Everybody who wants to improve their English skills. Even your friends are welcome!

Conditions: None. Except for… in the first two hours German is prohibited.


If you have a question or need further information, please ask:

Jim Ruehmling (pfalzer(at)hotmail.com), Barbara Abeje (pfalzerin(at)hotmail.com) or Birgit Smieja (smieja(at)uni-landau.de)

If you need a lift please contact:

Dr. Birgit Smieja, RK-Room 302, Tel. 06341-28033212,

e-mail: smieja(at)uni-landau.de


You get a first insight in the history of the English Roundtable (with pictures):

>> The English Roundtable



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