Prof. Dr. Jürgen Maier

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Frank-Loeb-Haus, Zimmer 203

Aktuelle Publikationen [Recent publications]

  • Oschatz, C., Stier, S. & Maier, J. (2021). Twitter in the News: An Analysis of Embedded Tweets in Political News Coverage. Digital Journalism [Article]
  • Gabriel, O. W. & Maier, J. (2021). Regieren und Emotionen. In K.-R. Korte & M. Florack (Hrsg.), Handbuch Regierungsforschung. Wiesbaden: Springer. [Book chapter]
  • Nai, A. & Maier, J. (2021). The wrath of candidates. Drivers of fear and enthusiasm appeals in election campaigns across the globe. Journal of Political Marketing [Article]
  • Maier, J. (2021). Will fouls in politics be punished? An experiment on the effect of incivility on the support for the sender and for the political system. In A. S. Walter (Hrsg.), Political incivility in the parliamentary, electoral and media arena: Crossing boundaries. London: Routledge, 200-218.
  • Maier, M., Jalali, C., Maier, J. Nai, A. & Stier, S. (2021). When do parties put Europe in the centre? Evidence from the 2019 European parliament election campaign. Politics [Abstract]

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