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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Maier

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Frank-Loeb-Haus, Zimmer 203

Aktuelle Publikationen [Recent publications]

  • Maier, M., Jalali, C., Maier, J. Nai, A. & Stier, S. (2021). When do parties put Europe in the centre? Evidence from the 2019 European parliament election campaign. Politics [Abstract]
  • Nai, A., Maier, J. & Vranic, J. (2021). Personality goes a long way (for some). An experimental investigation into candidate personality traits, voters' profile, and perceived likeability. Frontiers in Political Science [Article]
  • Maier, J. & Nai, A. (2021). Mapping the drivers of negative campaigning. Insights from a candidate survey. International Political Science Review. [Article]
  • Maier, J., Glogger, I., Otto, L. & Bast, J. (2021). Is there a visual bias in televised debates? Evidence from Germany, 2002-2017. Visual Communication. [Article]
  • Nai, A. & Maier, J. (2020). Teflon Trump? Shifting public perceptions of Donald Trump’s personality traits across four studies over 18 months. International Journal of Public Opinion Research. [Manuscript]

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