Employment Outlook

Due to the interdisciplinary structure and individual choices of the Master of Environmental Sciences program, graduates have many employment opportunities in environmental research and management in Germany and beyond.

Potential Employment Areas

  • Research institutes
  • Industry and environmental consulting firms
  • Planning and engineering companies
  • Government, public relations, environmental education
  • Professional organizations and societies, foundations, NGOs, political organizations
  • Environmental protection and conservation, media and publishers

The degree also qualifies students for acceptance into doctoral programs.

Christian Wolf.jpg

"The Environmental Sciences Program in Landau is varied. You are exposed to information from all the natural sciences that, for me personally, was fun and very interesting. This interdisciplinarity is a huge advantage for a scientific career. As a polar researcher, the training has helped me to quickly adapt to new environments and take on new challenges daily.”

Christian Wolf (Graduate, doctoral student at Alfred-Wegener-Institute)