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Spring School 2018

Spring School 2018

Engineered NP in environmental systems – Data handling and interdisciplinary data evaluation


12th - 14th Feb.ruary, 2018

Landau in der Pfalz, Germany




The InterNano Spring School addresses  interdisciplinary research to assess the environmental fate and effects of engineered nanoparticles. Topics include on the one hand nanoparticles in close-to-environment-systems and on the other hand data handling and interdisciplinary data evaluation. Studying NP beyond the pure lab scale requires a broad and multidisciplinary knowledge and a huge portion of experience. Therefore, this spring school aims at bringing together young interdisciplinary researchers in the field of nanoscience. Participants will benefit from lectures by experienced scientists as well as from exchanging information between each other. In a secondary part, data handling of different disciplines will be addressed by courses including experimental design and statistical analysis as well as scientific writing. The workshop will consist of lectures and exercises and provide ample room for discussion.


  • Interdisciplinary investigation of NP fate

1) Mesocosm studies

2) Modeling

3) Organic coatings on NP in the environment

  • Interdisciplinary data handling

1) Experimental design

2) Statistical analysis

3) Scientific writing


Spring school fees:

Standard (until January 12th, 2018):   80 EUR

Late (until February 5th, 2018):          100 EUR

The spring school fee includes: Access to all lectures, lunch and coffee breaks.

For registration please complete and submit the Registration Form by e-mail to


January 12th, 2018          Regular registration ends

February 5th, 2018          Late registration

February 12th, 2018        Spring school starts


Registration Form

Spring school flyer

Spring school program

Local Organizing Committee

Simon Lüderwald, Laura Degenkolb, Narjes Tayyebi, Cynthia Jusi, George Metreveli


Institute for Environmental Sciences

University of Koblenz-Landau

Fortstr. 7

76829 Landau in der Pfalz, Germany

Fax:      +49(0)6341 280 31577


Financial Support

We acknowledge financial support from the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG) within the INTERNANO project "Mobility, aging and functioning of engineered inorganic nanoparticles at the aquatic-terrestrial interface" (FOR 1536).

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