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QUESSA: Quantification of ecological services for sustainable agriculture


QUESSA: Quantification of ecological services for sustainable agriculture


The EU-funded project QUESSA started in February 2013 with fourteen international partners. We aim to quantify ecosystem services for sustainable agriculture focussing on the role of semi-natural habitats in a wide diversity of European cropping and farming systems. We are going to identify key semi-natural habitats providing essential ecological services such as pollination and pest control. In 16 case studies across four agro-climatic zones we will quantify the actual delivery of ecosystem services provided by semi-natural habitats. Of special interest is the impact of farm and landscape management. Moreover the project aims to determine the economic and non-monetary value of ecosystem services and to analyse the effects of spatial allocation and management using spatially explicit models. Finally, guidelines and recommendations to farmers and stakeholders should be produced.

Our working group will conduct case studies in vegetables in Southern Palatinate. We will analyse the impact of semi-natural habitats on the ecosystem services ‘pollination’ and ‘pest control’ along a gradient of landscape diversity in conventional and organic fields.

Prof. Martin Entling
Phone 06341 – 28031537