Promoting biodiversity through strip mowing?


Project description

    Due to the intensification of agriculture, settlements can represent important retreat areas for native flora, fauna and fungi. Can biodiversity in urban green spaces be promoted by extensive strip mowing versus traditional intensive mulch mowing? This is to be investigated in a long-term cooperation project between the University of Koblenz-Landau, Campus Landau, and the company Merkle & Partner Biodiversitätsmanagement, Wörth am Rhein.


    Participating researchers in Landau

    Kai Riess



    Since 2021



    Merkle & Partner Biodiversitätsmanagement GbR, Wörth [Link]



      Die Rheinpfalz 07.09.220 [Link]


      Key words

      Biodiversity, Land Use; Urban Greenspace, Lawn Management, Hay; Fungi, Plants, Spiders, Cicadas, Beetles, Butterflies; Germany