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Dr. Roman Bucher

Ehemaliger Mitarbeiter (Ökosystemanalyse)
seit Oktober 2015 an der Uni Marburg

Research interests

Trophic interactions

Non-consumptive effects

Behavioural ecology

Invasive species

Landscape ecology

Arachnology and Entomology


Academic degrees

2014    Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany

2011    M.Sc. in Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern, Switzerland

2009    B.Sc. in Biology, University of Bern, Switzerland


Peer-reviewed publications

Bucher R, Menzel R & Entling MH (2015) Risk of spider predation alters food web structure and reduces local herbivory in the field. Oecologia 178: 571-577.  [Access]

Oecologia June 2015 cover

Bucher R, Heinrich H & Entling MH (2015) Plant choice, herbivory and weight gain of wood crickets under the risk of predation. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 155: 148-153. [Access]

Uhl P, Bucher R, Schäfer RB & Entling MH (2015) Sublethal effects of Imidacloprid on interactions in a tritrophic system of non-target species. Chemosphere 132: 152-158. [Access]

Bucher R, Binz H, Menzel F & Entling MH (2014) Spider cues stimulate feeding, weight gain and survival of crickets. Ecological Entomology 39: 667-673. [Access]

Bucher R, Binz H, Menzel F & Entling MH (2014) Effects of spider chemotactile cues on arthropod behavior. Journal of Insect Behavior 27: 567-580. [Access]

Mestre L, Bucher R & Entling MH (2014) Trait-mediated effects between predators: ant chemical cues induce spider dispersal. Journal of Zoology 293: 119-125 [Free access] [Journal podcast]

Binz H, Bucher R, Entling MH & Menzel F (2014) Knowing the risk: crickets distinguish between spider predators of different size and commonness. Ethology 120: 99-110. [Access]

Bucher R & Entling MH (2011) Contrasting effects of habitat fragmentation, population density, and prey availability on body condition of two orb-weaving spiders. Ecological Entomology 36: 680-685. [Access]

Bucher R, Herrmann JD, Schüepp C, Herzog F & Entling MH (2010) Arthropod colonisation of trees in fragmented landscapes depends on species traits. Open Ecology Journal 3: 111-117. [Free access]


Talks at international conferences

"Wetland biodiversity in low-intensity pastures, straw meadows and fallows - a multitrophic comparison"

45th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of D, A and CH, Göttingen, Germany


"Trait-mediated indirect effects of spiders on plants"

28th European Congress of Arachnology, Torino, Italy

44th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of D, A and CH, Hildesheim, Germany


"Effects of habitat isolation and habitat amount on wolf spiders in agricultural landscapes"

1st Open Landscapes Conference, Hildesheim, Germany


"Fitness consequences of antipredator behaviour in crickets driven by spider cues"

19th International Congress of Arachnology, Kenting National Park, Taiwan

9th Ecology & Behaviour Meeting, Strasbourg, France


"Are insects afraid of spiders? Occurrence and importance of antipredator behavior"

27th European Congress of Arachnology, Ljubljana, Slovenia

42nd Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of D, A and CH, Lüneburg, Germany


"Body condition of spiders in fragmented landscapes: food limitation vs. competition"

26th European Congress of Arachnology, Sede Boqer Campus, Israel


Student awards

Everlight Award for outstanding presentations in the field of Behaviour & Ecology, third prize, 19th International Congress of Arachnology, Kenting National Park, Taiwan, 6/2013

Bio-logging Award for the best presentation in the foraging strategies and movement ecology session, 9th Ecology & Behaviour Meeting, Strasbourg, France, 4/2013


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