Dr. Katharina Meurer

Scientist (Geoökologie & Physische Geographie)


  • C and N cycling in soil
  • Soil structure dynamics
  • Modelling
  • Agricultural soils
  • Land use change

Curriculum vitae

since 11/2018 Researcher in the research groups “Soil mechanics and management” (Prof. Thomas Keller) and “Bio geophysics” (Prof. Nick Jarvis)
11/2016 - 10/2018 Post doc in the “Systems Ecology” Unit (Prof. Thomas Kätterer) at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – SLU, Uppsala
5/2016 - 9/2016 Researcher in the research group “C and N dynamics” (Dr. Uwe Franko) at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research – UFZ in Halle (Saale)
07/2012 - 06/2016 PhD student within the joint project Carbiocial
PhD thesis: Measurement and modelling of land use specific greenhouse gas emissions from soils in Southern Amazonia, Brazil
10/2010 - 06/2012 M.Sc. student at the TU Braunschweig
Master thesis: Inverse modeling of water transport in large lysimeters of the research station Zuerich-Reckenholz




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Contact details

Department of Soil & Environment, Box 7014, 750 07 Uppsala
Visiting address: Lennart Hjelms väg 9, Ultuna
MVM-huset, rum 3036