Persons involved


Principal investigators



Bundschuh, Mirco, Jun-Prof. Dr.

Functional Aquatic Ecotoxicology

Entling, Martin H., Prof. Dr.


Ecosystem Analysis

Jungkunst, Hermann, Prof. Dr.

Geoecology & Physical Geography

Kröner, Eva, Jun-Prof. Dr.

Geophysics (Hydrology)

Lorke, Andreas, Prof. Dr.

Environmental Physics

Schäfer, Ralf B., Prof. Dr.

Quantitative Landscape Ecology

Schaumann, Gabriele E., Prof. Dr.


Environmental & Soil Chemistry

Schulz, Ralf, Prof. Dr.


Ecotoxicology & Environment

Schwenk, Klaus, Prof. Dr.

Molecular Ecology


Postdoctoral researchers


Area of expertise

Brühl, Carsten A., Dr.

Terrestrial community ecology

Brunn, Melanie, Dr.

Rhizosphere biogeochemistry 

Fahse, Lorenz, Dr.

Ecological modelling

Kattwinkel, Mira, Dr.

Ecological Modelling

Muñoz, Katherine A., Dr.

Analytical organic chemistry

Noss, Christian, Dr.

Open channel hydraulics

Riess, Kai, Dr.

Fungal ecology

Rösch, Verena, Dr.

Plant ecology & entomology

Schirmel, Jens, Dr.

Insect biodiversity

Sidhu, Nanki, Dr.

Remote sensing and GIS

Theissinger, Kathrin, Dr.

Conservation genetics

Zubrod, Jochen P., Dr.

Stress ecology


Doctoral researchers

...coming soon...



SystemLink is a project at the Institute for Environmental Sciences (iES), Landau

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ralf Schulz

Co-speaker: Prof. Dr. Martin Entling, Prof. Dr. Gabi Schaumann

Managing director: NN

Administrative coordination: NN


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