Instumentelle Analytik (Umwelt- und Bodenchemie)


Delsa™Nano Submicron Particle Size and Zeta Potential (Beckman Coulter)


In dynamic light scattering, the fluctuations in time of scattered light from particles in Brownian motion are measured and the intensity of the scattered light monitored overtime. Smaller particles move faster, randomly, than bigger particles do. And with this information it is possible to calculate via autocorrelation functions particle size distributions. The DelsaNano C is equipped with an auto titrator. This allows to determine the particle size and the zeta potential of particles and colloids < 1 µm. The zeta potential of particles in liquids is measured by applying an electric field. The DelsaNano C is equipped with different cell types allowing the determination of particle size distributions, the zeta potential of diluted and high concentrated suspensions of e.g. manufactured nano materials in different suspensions or the zeta potential of surfaces.

The example shows the three steps of preparing a stable suspension of metal(loid) oxide nano particles and the change of the particle size distribution.

Sb2O3 3 Schritte Aufbereitung.jpg