Dr. Fabian Jäger

Ehemaliger Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Umwelt- und Bodenchemie)


Since May 2004, Fabian Jäger has been preparing his PhD thesis in the group of Environmental Chemistry. He moved 2006 with the group from Berlin to Koblenz, where he will finish his PhD thesis.

Between May and July 2007, he accomplished a project on T1/T2- and Diffusion measurements in soil samples to characterise the pore size distribution and the effects of swelling of soil organic matter on it (WNMRC06-006) at the Wageningen NMR Centre, Netherlands (http://www.wnmrc.nl/UK/).

Research interests

His research objective addresses the investigation of swelling of soil organic matter (SOM) using 1H NMR relaxometry.

  • Investigation of drying and rewetting processes of SOM
  • Basic calibration for the evaluation of T2 relaxation time distributions (RTD) of soils using organic and inorganic materials as references
  • Verification of 1H NMR results significance in terms of pore size changes due to SOM swelling
  • Investigation of swelling kinetics to gain information about nature, reversibility and velocity of SOM swelling
  • Effects of biofilm on pore size distribution in model soil systems

Curriculum vitae

Fabian Jäger was born in Frankfurt Oder, Germany (former GDR) in 1976. He finished his Diploma degree in Environmental Engineering at the Technical University Berlin in 2004. During his studies he gained a variety of practical experiences:

  • Diploma Thesis "Influence of preferential flow paths on the spatial distribution of lead and antimony in a shooting range soil" at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETHZ) in the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology (ITOe), Soil Chemistry (Prof. R. Kretzschmar and Dr. A. Scheinost). Funded by the Schweizerischem Nationalfonds.
  • Student research project "Influence of soil microorganisms on 1H NMR relaxometry in the course of water absorption" at the TU Berlin, Environmental Chemistry- AG Boden (Prof. W. Rotard and Dr. G.E. Schaumann). Funded by the Deutschen Forschungsgesellschaft.
  • ETH Zurich: employed as student staff member in the Soil Chemistry group
  • TU Berlin: employed as student staff member in the INTERURBAN research group


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DOI: 10.1016/j.mri.2007.01.093
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1H NMR relaxometry, Swelling of Soil Organic Matter (SOM), Relaxation time distribution, Pore size distribution