Hinweise zum wissenschaftlichen Schreiben

Die folgenden Hinweise sollten Sie unbedingt beim Schreiben englischer Haus-, Studien-, Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten beachten. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der einschlägigen Literatur zum wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten.

Structure of your thesis

Introduction and state of the art
  - Introduce the reader to the subject and the problem of this work
  - Give a brief overview on the current state of the art
  - What is known, what is unkown?
  - Define the need of research

  - What are the objectives of this work?
  - Formulate the hypotheses and give a brief overview how you aimed to verify them

Material and methods
  - Describe all applied methods and materials
  - Describe the outline of your experiments

  - Clearly present and describe your results
  - Use of figures and tables and describe their contents
  - Clearly separate between description and interpretation!

Discussion and conclusions
  - Discuss the significance of your results (results)
  - Discuss with respect to literature and give interpretation
  - What are the questions still open and which new questions arose?

  - What are the future perspectives?
  - What needs to be done to obtain more detailed insight into the problems?