Supplemental material for the blenderFace method

last modified: 13.05.2020

This supplemental material is also available at OSF and belongs to the article:

Zinkernagel, A., Alexandrowicz, R. W., Lischetzke, T., & Schmitt, M. (2018). The blenderFace method: video-based measurement of raw movement data during facial expressions of emotion using open-source software. Behavior Research Methods.

To perform the measurement of facial movements according to the blenderFace method you need the Blender software Version 1.79 ( An adaption for Version 1.80 with a substantially changed user interface is in preparation.

The supplemental material contains the following files:

  • The Step_by_Step_Instructions.pdf for Blender Version 1.79 describes how to perform the tracking procedure in detail with Blender.
  • The Step_by_Step_Instructions.avi (420 MB) for Blender Version 1.79 show an example tracking procedure in a short video (23 min). This video is also used as a reference in the Step_by_Step_Instructions.pdf.
  • The Subject_01.mp4 file is an example video of a participant. It is used in the Step_by_Step_Instructions.avi and you can use it to test and train the blenderFace method by yourself.
  • The Blender files Subject_01_Step_01a.blend, Subject_01_Step_01b.blend, Subject_01_Step_02.blend and Subject_01_Step_03.blend are saved blender files at different stages of the tracking process. These files are also referred to in the Step_by_Step_Instructions.pdf. You can use it to test or train different stages of the tracking procedure.
  • The python script is a Blender add-on which is used to measure distances in blender. It was developed by Martin Buerbaum, TNae, Benjamin Lauritzen, Alessandro Sala, and Daniel Ashby.
  • The python script is a blender script to export the movement of the tracked markers into a CSV file.
  • The files Subject_01.csv and Subject_02.csv are exportet raw movement data of two tracked  participants. At least data of two participants are needed for postprocessing with the blenderFace R package. This data is also included as external data in the blenderFace R package.
  • The file Blender_Scalingdata.csv contains the data needed for rescaling the raw data of Subject_01.csv and Subject_02.csv. This file is also included as external data in the blenderFace R package.
  • The file blenderFace_Vignette.pdf is the Vignette of the blenderFace R package. It gives an overview of how to postprocess the raw data in the csv files.
  • The blenderFace R package is available at Github and may be easily installed into your R environment. This is also described in the Step_by_Step_Instructions.pdf


 If you have any questions regarding the blenderFace method, please do not hesitate to contact me at .